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"Si può sperimentare come, in una didattica basata sul vivente, i ragazzi traggono le cose da loro stessi" R. Steiner 

Aiagaia is what we call our  therapeutical  garden.  It is both an educational farm but also a place where anyone is welcome to relax, read, meditate or simply listen and observe nature.

We organize  tours for kids and adults  where they can discover the biodynamic idea, natural food,  medicinal herbs and the animals on the farm.

This is the part of the farm where we develop our social activities though a number of  projects such as orientation stages  both for disadvantaged categories and students alike.

Social agriculture aims to reunite the needs, identities and the quest for freedom of all citizens  independently  from their skills.  Work not only as a way to sustain oneself but  as a founding element of a more just and sustainable society.

These activities  spontaneously  find their ideal space in the biodynamic philosophy, inclusive and  respectful of one’s abilities.