Since 2013 Terrevive has participated  in Project Virgo that promotes organic cereal cultivation in the Emilia Romagna region. It is a bi-annual project sponsored by the region itself and  coordinated by Prof Giovanni Dinelli of the University of Bologna 

The Virgo trademark  unites farmers,  millers, bakers and citizens with the common objective of guaranteeing the origin and quality of  the produce. Wheat is cultivated in respect  of strict biodynamic principles and practices  allowing the  process  to be in  perfect harmony with the environment. Virgo is a biodiverse mix of  ancient wheat grains such as Andriolo, Inallettabile , Gentil Rosso e Frassineto:  a heritage to preserve 

Grinding the wheat with larges stones and accurately monitoring the temperature during the various stages ensures that the resulting flour varieties ( whole, tipo 2 and tipo 1 ) mantain all their qualities intact. 

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