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Biodynamic produce on your everyday table

Vegetable Garden.

We cultivate approximately three hectares . Rigorously seasonal produce that is sold in the farm shop or in the local markets. Cultivation is mainly in open field and in part in non artificially heated greenhouses . We strictly use crop rotation.  For the biodynamic preparation we only use stinging nettles, argyle, garlic and valerian. To fertilize we mix our biodynamic preparation with manure.


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Our fruit  comes from  two small patches of land with lost varieties of peaches, apricots , cherries, plums and apples . We grow plants in autumn  in alternate rows, and then in late springtime we use the result as green manure,  a natural  fertilizer.

The harvest is strictly manual and we do not use any kind of artificial product

The Farm shop

Here you can find all the farm produce including  flour, jam and marmalade, honey, schiacciatine and , of course,  wine.


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