Who we are

Terrevive farm was born in 2008 on 16 hectares of land in the village of Gargallo di Carpi near Modena.

From the start it has strictly followed  the Biodynamic method and its exclusive agronomic technique therefore respecting the sensibility of the people working on the farm itself. Principles such as sustainability,  biodiversity and respect for the forces of nature are the pillars of this community.

Various agricultural skills  bring an added value  to this open, friendly environment.

What we do

Wine from our Lambrusco vineyards , seasonal vegetables, aromatic herbs, cereals and traditional fruits. The produce is sold  in the farm shop or in the farmers market in the nearby town of Carpi in order to link the  consumer directly to the grower in the most natural way.

Since 2017 we are part of the Wwoof Italia Association that develops , no profit rural projects  in order to promote cultural exchange  and  a more sustainable global community

All the activities including the educational farm , the social farm  and the presence of various animals on the farm itself, contribute in creating a complex organism  which is the base of  the Biodynamic concept and of traditional agriculture.  In fact we like to see ourselves as  traditional farmers.

We organize tours of the farm were you can sample our produce and wines.